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Sarung Tinju Adidas Energy 300 Kategori: Peralatan Perlengkapan Tinju Muaythai » Sarung Tinju Muaythai | 560 Kali Dilihat

Sarung Tinju Adidas Energy 300 Reviewed by Sabath on . This Is Article About Sarung Tinju Adidas Energy 300

Sarung Tinju Adidas Energy 300’ gloves, cowhide leather outer with inside «satin-like» lining for comfort. Newly-developed, high-compression IMF «one-piece» preformed foam constitutes a unique and innovative construction: the glove is made of one full and unique piece, giving the boxer the feel of perfect tightening, of both fi st and wrist, during training. The velcro strap… Selengkapnya »

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