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10 June 2015 - Kategori Blog


Exclusive polycotton material

Stretch tests have demonstrated that polycotton is 20% stronger, against the same force and with the same density of weave per m2, and shrinks less after the first washing (30°C) by 15% compared to 100% cotton made suits.


Permits the ventilation and avoids moisture due to perspiration

Technology that provides ventilation and regulates temperature and perspiration thanks to highly efficient materials that optimise sports performance.


Moulded foam structure CD, gel inserted

Intelligent mould structure of EVA foam in controled density foam, with additional integrated gel padding for optimal protection and an efficient absorption of chocks.


New PU3G INNOVATION material

New material that looks, feels and performs like leather. Extremely strong, PU3G continually absorb perspiration whilst remaining supple and impervious to cracking.

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